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I’m fascinated by how fans remix pieces of media to create their own texts. In writing my essay for Doctor Who: Fan Phenomena I explored “Gif Fics and the Rebloggable Canon of SuperWhoLock.” Combining the popular shows Supernatural (CW), Doctor Who (BBC), and Sherlock (BBC), SuperWhoLock allows fans to explore how The Doctor might interact with Dr. Watson, or how the Winchester Brothers might help Sherlock Holmes with a case. These fan-made crossovers spread across fandom through Tumblr's reblog culture, where fans are able to like, reblog, and add their own contributions to the open universe of SuperWhoLock. Some of these contributions are gif fics, which I explored in the paragraph below.

“Chosen gif fic scenes are not always the climax of a story: often the artist highlights bits of dialogue or moments in the story deemed especially amusing or particularly heartfelt. SuperWhoLock's streamlined approach to storytelling lies in direct contrast to the complex narration found in Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. Whereas the television series have the luxury of an established medium and allocated time slot, SuperWhoLock artists only have their artistic skills and love of fandom. SuperWhoLock artists have something the official series lack, however: the freedom to combine such super fandoms without thinking of actor contracts, distribution rights, or production details.”

Interested in learning more about SuperWhoLock? Follow my SuperWhoLock pinterest board and check out Dr. Booth's book Crossing Fandoms: SuperWhoLock and the Contemporary Fan Audeince.

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