OTW Community Manager


Organization for Transformative Works

Skill Set

Social media, fan studies, graphic design, community management


2012 - 2014

As a member of the Communication Committee for the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), my primary responsibility was as community manager for the OTW’s Tumblr. The OTW is a nonprofit organization created and run by fans dedicated to preserving, protecting, and advocating for fan culture and fanworks through projects like Open Doors, Archive of our Own, and Fanlore.

In early 2012, Tumblr presented an interesting opportunity for the OTW and fandom at large. Fans were migrating from Livejournal, which had a blog format, to the growing social network Tumblr, which was designed for posting graphics. My goal in taking over the Tumblr community’s management was to redesign the layout, create more graphics to compliment Tumblr’s visual culture, connect with influencers, and introduce younger fans to the mission of the OTW.

During my two years as community manager, followers of the OTW’s Tumblr increased by 87%. I created #FandomFirstFriday (#FFF), a monthly celebration of fandom taking place on the first Friday of every month. #FFF was supplemented with graphics, history from OTW’s Fanlore site, and relevant reblogs. During my tenure I acted as first contact for fans and media agencies and spoke as a subject matter expert on fan communities and fandom history.

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