Molly's Cupcakes


Molly's Cupcakes

Skill Set

Photoshop, Illustrator, photography, copywriting



You might be asking, how hard is it to sell cupcakes? Well, in 2012 cupcake shops were popping up on every Chicago street corner. To make Molly’s Cupcakes stand out, I created three ads that focused on the unique atmosphere Molly's offered, in addition to promoting their delicious cupcakes. In the first full page ad, I wanted to highlight not the cupcake itself but the indulgence a customer feels while enjoying the treat: instead of taking a coffee break, take a cupcake break! The second ad connects with Molly's whimsical interior, which includes cereal boxes from the 80's, classic toys, and board games that incite childhood nostalgia. For the third ad, I designed a mock movie poster evoking the style of B-horror movies that warned of cupcakes too delicious for this world.

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